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Inyanei Pesach/Passover (2 of 2) 3/15/02

Recorded March 15th, 2002

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Inyanei Pesach/Passover (1 of 2) 3/12/02

Recorded: March 12, 2002

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Was Your Turkey Kosher? Do Not Copy Their Ways 11-28-06

Lecture given 11-28-06. Presented by Merkaz Moreshet Yisrael. View Class Notes TurkeyClassnotes1106 – View the Rabbi’s 8 pages of notes used during the lecture. TurkeySourcedocs1106 – View 17 pages of source documents, all with the Rabbi’s annotations, used in preparation for the lecture.

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What’s So Special About The Jewish Calendar?

The Jewish Calendar itself is a mechanism or means of studying the ideas, ideals, and values of Judaism. Our method of celebration of a holiday is not simply to teach or read about the holiday, rather to experience and live the

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