1. There is a group who will be reading Rabbi Ezra Labaton’s PhD together Sunday mornings. The reading will take place in the library of West Deal Shul where the Rabbi used to teach. Please email for specific details.
  2. West Deal Shul also has a learning program in the Rabbi’s memory. The program is called “OneaDayRambam”, and a chapter of Mishne Torah is emailed out, in English, to the group every day. The goal is to finish the entire Mishne Torah within 3 years. To signup please email Rabbi Meyer Laniado
  3. Rabbi Haim Ovadia is launching a post graduate rabbinic studies program in honor of Rabbi Labaton A”H called  “Torat Ezra Academy”. The program will mostly be online and auto didactic. They will accept students with semikha and a relevant academic degree. Graduates will be acquainted with the Rabbi Labaton’s top 100 books and will have mastered 25 of them. The curriculum will train these Rabbi’s in roles as pulpit speaker, pastor and educator. The program requires participation in Tikkun Olam projects. The Academy is still an IDEA, but the void Rabbi Labaton A”H has left is REAL so if you support and believe in this idea, please contact Rabbi Haim Ovadia who is working on making it a reality.


  1.  We are looking for as much of the Rabbi’s content as possible. If you have any recordings, writings, etc that you would like to contribute, please let us know.
  2. We have lots of content to be sorted through. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. The “About Rabbi Labaton” page currently has an article taken from the Image Magazine. We would like to replace this with an original piece, written with the guidance of the Labaton Family. If anyone would like to volunteer to undertake this, please contact us.



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