Rabbi Labaton Video’s

  • January 9th, 2011– Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton’s speech at his grandson Ezra Netanel’s Bris in Jerusalem, Israel at Kehilat Yedidya. He had the honor of naming the baby after him. Video came from Rabbi Jason and Dara Knapel, who lived in Deal (made aliyah), were active and beloved teachers, administrators and mentors at Hillel Yeshiva and Young Magen David, and are still close family friends of the Labaton’s. He discusses the Zohar and the reason why Eliyahu/Elijah is obligated to be at every Brit Milah/Bris. (6:39)


  • August, 2011- Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton a’h Siyum Speech celebrating the completion of Sefer Ahava/Book of Love authored by the Rambam/Maimonides. This program was done to help in bringing Rabbi Labaton a Refuah Shelema/Speedy Recovery. The name of the program was OneaDayRambam. (58:23)


  • August, 2011- Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton a’h Siyum Speech celebrating the completion of  his “Science and Religion”. Over a 12 year period, every Saturday night throughout the winter months Rabbi Labaton a’h would give a class on Science and Religion. He discusses, the more one studies science, the more one comes to love and know G-d. (8:09)


  • August 25th, 2013 – Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton’s Sefer Torah Dedication Speech given at Magen David of West Deal Synagogue in N.J. This was recorded by David Betesh. Recorded just months before his passing. (7:48)


  • Sunday, September 1rst, 2013– Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton’s High Holidays Speech recorded  4 days prior to Rosh Hashanah by David Betesh. Recorded just months before his passing. (8:53)


  • August 23rd 2013– Sefer Torah Dedication in Honor of Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton a’h , just months before his passing. Speakers include Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton a’h, Rabbi Raymond Harari, Rabbi Efraim Buchwald, and Rabbi Moshe Shamah. In addition, many of his students and congregants shared their best wishes and appreciation to Rabbi Dr. Ezra Labaton a’h. The Sefer Torah was written by Sofer/Scribe Rabbi Steve Bar Yakov Gindi . (13:47)